Canada’s Anglophones Continue to Spend More Time with Digital Video

Canada’s Anglophones Continue to Spend More Time with Digital Video

English-speaking adults in Canada continue to grow more enthusiastic about watching digital video, according to an August 2016 report from Media technology Monitor. Weekly watching is up 3 hours from 2013 to 2016’s 10.2 hours per week on average.

In May 2016, eMarketer estimated there would be a total of 22.5 million digital video viewers in Canada this year—regardless of language preference—up 2.7% from 2015. Next year’s growth rate will be the same, and see the amount of digital video viewers climb to over 23 million.

eMarketer also forecast that 93% of 18- to 24-year-olds in Canada this year would watch digital videos at least once per month, the highest reach of any age group. But digital video isn’t just for the kids—well over 80% of those ages 25 to 44 will also watch digital videos.

An earlier report from February 2016, also by Media Technology Monitor, provided some insight into what English-speaking adults in Canada were watching online.

YouTube videos proved most popular: 70% of those surveyed said they watched YouTube videos monthly. After that were a trifecta of popular responses: 49% said they watched TV shows or clips of them; 47% said they looked at newscasts and news programs; over 40% said they viewed full-length movies.

Nearly 40% also said they watched sports highlights and events.

Media Technology Monitor also noted that slightly more English-speaking men in Canada watched digital video than women—85% to 79%. Still, with a total of 80% of respondents claiming to watch, there’s no doubt that among English-speaking adults in Canada, digital video is immensely popular.

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