CAT’S CRADLE trailer

By: Vende-se Filmes

When we first met Joana she seemed a ceramic doll, small, fragile, with a ribbon on her head. Slowly she started to deconstruct herself, revealing a charming complexity. The duality between strength and fragility, freedom and imprisonment, joy and sadness… completely overwhelmed us. The intimacy and complicity raised between us allowed us to fictionalize about her life, and make this special, unclassifiable film.

Indielisboa 2012 | Award for Best Portuguese Short Film | Lisbon, PT
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2012 | Amsterdam, NL
Festival dei Popoli 2012 | Florence, IT
Festroia Film Festival 2012 | Setúbal, PT

Documentary / Fiction, Portugal, 2012, 57’, HD
With: Joana Santos
Directors: Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra
Script: Pedro Pinho
Cinematography: Vasco Viana
Sound: João Gazua, Rúben Costa
Production Manager: Daniela Soares
Production: Filipa Reis | Vende-se Filmes

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