Chase Jarvis Keynote Address on ‘Social Art’ from Photo Plus Expo NYC

In the past several days, I’ve received a ton of correspondence asking if I’d re-post my chasejarvisLIVE Keynote address from the PDN Photo Plus Expo in NYC last week. You asked for it, you got it.

At about the 25-or-so minute mark, I wrap up my monologue and invite a handful of guests on stage, all of whom I consider my friends who are living my message. I think you’ll be quite engaged. By my count it’s the first time all these folks have been together under one roof.

_Zack Arias (
_Vincent Laforet (
_Jasmine Star (
_Rob Haggart (
_Joey Lawrence (

An impressive cast by any measure. Please give it a watch and share your thoughts. The topic is The New Creativity and the Social Art of Photography. In short, it’s about the new, crazy world of creating and sharing and how it has redefined an entire era.

[Update: there’s about 30 seconds of blackness where you still get perfect audio, but no visual. Hopefully you won’t mind – it’s just 30 seconds where you’re freed from looking at my dumb mug…]

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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