How to Choose Strategic Goals For Your Social Media Strategy

How to Choose Strategic Goals For Your Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is meant to help you achieve your social media goals, but it’s only as useful as the goals themselves. Choosing the right strategic goals for your social media strategy isn’t just important, it’s the difference between wasting your time and making a real impact on your business.

Learn more about how to establish these social media goals below.

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What is a Social Media Strategy

First things first, in its simplest terms a social media strategy is the strategic plan for how a company will incorporate social media into its business. We all know this is just the tip of the iceberg though.

A social media strategy is a blueprint that will guide nearly every action you take on social networks. It should help you make important decisions about content strategy and marketing, it should make your workflow more efficient, and it should establish processes that make it easy to scale your social efforts across the organization.

That was a mouthful, but it shows just how important and valuable a social media strategy can be. It’s also a testament to why you should put in the work to make yours thorough and effective.

A social media strategy has several components. This video, from the Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy course, breaks them down in detail.

Setting Strategic Goals

Once you’ve completed a social media audit, you should have a sense of where you are now compared to where you want to be. This will guide you as you set strategic goals. At the same time, these goals can’t only be social media focused. Your social media strategy should complement existing marketing objectives, as well as greater business objectives—from customer satisfaction to driving leads and revenue. Earning more Facebook likes can be part of a goal, but it can’t be the entire goal. You should be earning more Facebook likes in order to drive more website traffic or increase your industry share of voice.

So, how do you choose strategic social media goals?

Identify the broader marketing goals that could really benefit from social media. Depending on how many resources you can allocate to social networks, these can be amazing channels for customer support, social sales, hiring and obviously marketing. Pick out the objectives that are most aligned with your social media focus, and put those at the top of your list.

Next, identify your social media strengths. If you have any sort of social media presence already, you are likely doing certain things better than others. Maybe you’re great at producing videos but terrible on Twitter. Maybe your LinkedIn thought leadership program is excelling while your Facebook reach flounders. Maybe you’re an industry leader at social media advertising. Once you’ve identified your strengths, you’ll have an easier time choosing where you can best contribute to your business. This should shape your strategic social media goals.

Only choose goals that are measurable. If you can’t measure what you’re hoping to achieve, your goal isn’t specific enough and it likely isn’t really contributing to your business. You need to be able to concretely identify your progress and see whether your efforts are working or not.

Your goals also need to be attainable. Look at your social accounts and how they’ve contributed to that particular metric in the past. Use that information to set goals that are within your reach. Doing so allows you to put your best foot forward on social and be comfortable, rather than scrambling to attain a poorly chosen mark.

Learn more about setting social media goals and key supporting messages in this  video from the Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy course.

For a limited time, get 30 days of Hootsuite University free and access this course today.

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