Clash Of Clans And Angry Liam Neeson Lead YouTube’s Top Ads Of 2015

Clash Of Clans And Angry Liam Neeson Lead YouTube’s Top Ads Of 2015

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See Hyundai, Boom Beach, Adidas, Durex, and more in the year’s most watched ads.

Another year nearing its end, another opportunity to look back at all the ads that entertained and distracted us from work the most over the last 12 months. YouTube has announced its Top Ads of 2015, and there are few surprises among the work from Samsung, Budweiser, Clash of Clans, Always, Adidas, Hyundai, and more. But anyone looking to reheat a “Is A Super Bowl Ad Really Worth It?” hot take ahead of this year’s big game should take note that Clash of Clans’ top spot was also the brand’s Super Bowl commercial.

According to YouTube, this marks the first time more people watched the annual Top 10 ads on mobile devices than on desktop. The ads combined for 470 million views in 2015, up from last year’s list, with nearly two-thirds of those views happened on mobile. Marketers will get all tingly to know that overall views more than doubled this year for the brand channels on the list, and subscriptions to those channels grew by more than 80% in 2015.

Four of the most watched ad this year were particularly popular among millennials. Between Clash of Clans’ “Revenge,” “Unfollow” by Adidas, Budweiser’s “Lost Dog,” and “Speech” by Boom Beach collectively hit 205 million views globally—nearly 3 million hours in viewing time—and more than two-thirds of that viewership came from millennials.

Speaking of Super Bowl ad impact and the shifting priorities in TV advertising, this year YouTube conducted a new study of 3,000 campaigns in the U.S. to see how total reach of millennials would be impacted if campaigns had replaced some of their TV advertising with YouTube ads. The research found that without spending an extra dollar, 46% of campaigns would have benefited from a TV and YouTube combo, with an average 42% increase in millennial reach compared to TV alone.

Get nostalgic early and check out the entire Top 10 in the slide show above.

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