Clipster offers online YouTube One Channel development app

Parent Category: News | 05-06-2013

YouTube has created One Channel to provide brands with a way to format ads across phones, laptops, tablets and TV.

The solution also sends trailer videos to non-subscribed viewers and allows new content styles. However, as of 5 June, old layouts will be obsolete. To help companies avoid losing the branding that has not been updated, authorised Google engagement solutions developer Clipster is offering an online YouTube channel development application to keep the integrity of brand designs, develop creative content and publish in any language.

“Our company’s solution will automatically adapt the layout of a brand channel to the format of the device, allowing you to create a brand channel reflecting the brand’s design, and providing components such as social channels and teasers to engage with the audience,” said Clipster CEO Loek Wermenbol. “Now, brands will have a permanent presence for all their campaigns, product information, promotions, product launches, brand entertainment and the ability to change content and design 24/7.”

The company added: “In combination with the recently changed YouTube policy that an ad spend isn’t required anymore when using a pre-approved solution like Clipster, now every brand has the opportunity to have a professional YouTube brand channel with Clipster’s one-stop-shop solution.”

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