CNN’s “Great Big Story” is really a BuzzFeed killer?

CNN’s “Great Big Story” is really a BuzzFeed killer?

The online video was transforming into various forms and marketers, business, creators, organizations were developing the value of the videos to the next step for the future generations. All the video marketing experts and business were planning their strategy for the future with video in all verticals. So, business were planning something new by using the video as their main weapon to win the competitive war.

CNN was recently announced its launch of new streaming story teller video which is very different from others. It funded the great big story launch which is a social distributed video network. This network make the video stories get available to the new generation which can be streamed via mobile devices. The content of the great Big story was distributed through the web, applications and through various compatible devices. It is works on the both the apps of iOS and Android versions. it is the startup which is not a part of the CNN as the CNN just funded its launch. It also going to get connected with the Apple TV, Amazon, and Chromecast and on many other channels too.

With this investment by the CNN helps in expanding the reach on various social networks and other streaming video platforms and makes the content to the top by using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vice, BuzzFeed as the media vehicles. The new launch distributes up to five videos with different lengths every day. The great big story has the alliances with the creative artists and network of the experts belongs to the various topics. The revenue can be generated from the branded content videos which can be distributed along with the stories in videos.

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