By: Box Of Toys Audio Ltd

Project: Collider Titles – The Aftermath
Client: Collider / Neon
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

Director: Rob Chiu
Executive producer: Dexton Deboree
Conceived & written by: Neon
Creative directors: Neon
Post production & visual effects: Neon
Music & sound design: Box of Toys
DOP: Paul O’Callaghan
Focus Puller: Eric Young
Wardrobe: Ewa Dziedic
Actors: Jordan and Kaeden Chiu

In our second collaboration with Neon, we were invited to provide a soundtrack for the opening titles for Stash’s first Collider event in New York. We were fortunate enough to attend the event and watch the premiere in Collider’s conference theatre.

Our initial thoughts when presented with the piece was that the atmosphere was paramount, we wanted to really capture the essence of this dystopian world and give the viewer a sense of nostalgia for a past that never was. Moody ambiances backed by expressive melodies were combined with bursts of dynamic realism to play out a mix of emotions. A running theme of analogue noise and radio communications was used in an attempt to depart from the often used digital glitch approach, and also to reference the remnants of the old world that feature throughout the film. As we approach the closing stages orchestral elements are introduced to build a sense of grandeur. This is then complimented by a yearning synth line that leaves us with a sense of hope at the logo resolve.

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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