comScore preps multiplatform video measurement platform

comScore preps multiplatform video measurement platform

It’s not a newsflash that TV viewers are consuming entertainment across screens and in various locations, creating a nebulous behavioural picture that has been difficult to translate into ad dollar value. Nielsen and others are chasing ways to measure – and therefore sell – multiplatform viewing. And now comScore is launching full-force into the space.

comScore is readying the US launch of Video Metrix Multi-Platform, which the company said would provide unduplicated desktop, smartphone, tablet and over-the-top (OTT) video audience measurement for content owners, agencies and advertisers. So, in theory, clients can sell, plan and buy digital video – at the video media property and show level – using TV-comparable metrics for both video content and advertising. Duplication has been the bugbear in multiplatform measurement to date. Say that someone in the household watches a show on TV, and that show is then also viewed by a different family member on a tablet via an app. How is it possible to separate out the two sets of eyeballs, and monetise them both?

“With content flowing across screens, a new approach to video measurement was needed to better understand how and where video is being viewed – especially on OTT,” said Eric Berger, EVP for Digital Network at Sony Pictures Television and GM at Crackle.

comScore says that Video Metrix Multi-Platform uses the methodology and inputs from Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix to deliver a single, unduplicated metric for digital video audiences across all platforms for those who participate in measurement – thus to account for all video viewing behaviour across screens. “As content continues to flow across an increasing number of screens, content owners and advertisers need a consistent, trusted way to transact in a platform-agnostic world,” said Serge Matta, CEO of comScore.

“The introduction of Video Metrix Multi-Platform is another milestone in our long history of digital video measurement innovation. Video Metrix Multi-Platform will now help content owners and advertisers plan, measure and purchase digital video everywhere that it’s viewed by consumers.” Others are questing for a way to monetise multiscreen too. In October, Adobe announced a strategic alliance with Nielsen to develop a comprehensive, cross-platform system for measuring online TV, video and other digital content across the web and apps. It is again an effort to apply TV-style ratings measurement to digital properties, and ESPN, Sony Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, Univision, Viacom and others are among initial programming partners for initial rollout. It should be live some time this year.

The collaboration will integrate Nielsen’s digital audience measurement products with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Primetime, digital analytics and online TV delivery platforms. As a result, both companies will jointly market the platform, uninspiringly dubbed Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings, Powered by Adobe, which will use aggregated and anonymous data to measure content of all types, including online TV, videos, games, audio and text.

“Major media companies and broadcasters already depend on Adobe to bring TV across screens and better understand digital viewer engagement,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, digital marketing at Adobe. “Once complete, our partnership with Nielsen will provide analytics tied with ratings – benefiting advertisers, media companies and consumers alike.”

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