Create ‘mobile video moments’ to stay relevant

Create ‘mobile video moments’ to stay relevant

Nowadays, the success of a brand performance increasingly demands for a strategic mobile presence. New insights declare: to pull this off, brands must be present in real and relevant moments.

“Brands should strive to be in the top percentage of marketers offering both frequent and high-quality experiences” said Jennifer Wise, Forrester panelist at a (MMA) -SM2 Innovation Summit.

She also declared that the most imperative item to keep in mind when creating a mobile moment is to deliver a high value experience [1].

A video force soars

OvermediaCast believes that video is the top format to create relevant mobile moments; moreover, to deliver useful mobile ads enabling things to be done.

The OvermediaCast Video Messaging solution creates relevant 1:1 communication at large scale between brands and consumers by delivering personalized and interactive mobile videos for the right people, where they are.

Our results with clients using interactive mobile video strategies are impressive, they see a lift in engagement 8x higher than traditional desktop campaigns.

The OvermediaCast Video Messaging solution is a Mobile Video Marketing Platform for brands to create, deliver, test and optimize mobile videos without I.T.

See below some of our tips for crafting a high-impact mobile strategy.

1- Create a high compelling mobile presence

Geolocation and geofancing services are great assets to the current mobile marketing. Successful brands are connecting with their consumers at important places and relevant moments of their day. These are great tools for an in-target mobile communication.

OvermediaCast view: You can combine geolocation and geofancing services with personalized and interactive video messages. Then, viewers make choices that affect the brand awareness in real time for a compelling and fluid viewing experience. The interactivity can be enjoyed with no links or gaps, no redirecting, that’s a mobile video app that runs overlay.

2- Go beyond advertising and into Getting things done

“People turn to their phones to get something done,” said Jennifer Wise from Forrester.

“You have to offer utility, and the way to determine how you can offer that is to choose a strategy by looking at your company’s quality and frequency of experience.”

Users will be more willing to receive a compelling, but to-the-point type of communication, making an action to get special discounts, or to sign up for services. To be effective, be interactive and personalized.

OvermediaCast view: Interactivity is one of the key assets on OvermediaCast Video Messaging. You can add interactivity to your videos and enable users to schedule services, get discounts, sign up for services, install apps, or even to influence the storyline of your storytelling. Your viewers can convert into customers on the fly, without leaving the video.

3- Track your audience to optimize campaigns and boost sales

Used wisely, the consumer data enable brands to better understand consumers behavior and develop optimized experiences and relationships.

In order to manage this exponential growth in data, and more importantly, to profit from it, the mobile industry needs to develop sophisticated ways to mediate all the different pieces of data within the mobile eco-system [2].

OvermediaCast view: Big Data and Customer Intelligence are the pillars on which our solution stands for. All consumer’s interactions are tracked individually, viewer by viewer, and the prospects with high purchase intent are ranked. This information is always used to optimize campaigns and boost sales.

Jennifer Wise from Forrester sums up the need of mobile strategy for now “Not all brands are high-touch, but all must strive to be,”. “If you’re not one of those brands, it is going to be harder to own that mobile moment for customers.”

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