How Cuisinart Grew Brand Engagement With Interactive Video On Facebook

Case Study: How Cuisinart Grew Brand Engagement With Interactive Video On Facebook

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales. Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and that viewers are up to 85% more likely to buy after watching a video – Product videos are one marketing tactic companies can’t afford to ignore.

CusinartThe challenge for leading manufacturers is how to get their videos seen my more prospective customers and how promotional videos can drive more traffic to core communication channels, like email subscriptions and social media platforms.

Here’s how one leading American brand grew awareness and engagement with their videos…


Cuisinart, a leading manufacturer of cooking appliances and cooking products, came to Viewbix looking for greater distribution and engagement for their library of product videos and mini-commercials. Their goals were to increase brand awareness while also growing email subscribers, social followers and traffic to their product pages.


Viewbix’s custom video player offered a great solution for Cuisinart because it increases viewer engagement with videos and is easily promoted via Facebooks ads. We started by designing a player that matched the look and feel of Cuisinart’s brand while also including strong call-to-action buttons and embedded email signup forms.

Here an examples of one of the Cuisinart videos we used in this campaign.

In order to get more distribution of Cuisinart’s videos, Viewbix ran a targeted Facebook ad campaign to reach the demographic groups that Cuisinart knew were their primary customer.


The combination of high quality videos with a Viewbix player being promoted via Facebook ads, was just what Cuisinart needed to achieve their goal of increased awareness and engagement.

During the month of March, we ran Facebook ads to promote Cuisinart’s Viewbix enhanced videos and served up over 5 Million ad impressions on Facebook. The campaign combines both Newfeed ads as well as ads showing in the right hand column on Facebook.

The results truly highlight how effective the Viewbix platform can be to offer interactive calls to action within video. Here are the results…

  • 3.2% of video viewers submitted their email addresses in the forms inside the video
  • 7.1% of video viewers clicked a call to action and visited Cuisinart’s product pages
  • 23.8% of video viewers “Liked” Cuisinart’s FB page

All these engagements would not have been possible if Cuisinart had simply shared their YouTube videos without Viewbix.

A few additional finding about sharing Viewbix video ads on Facebook…

Overall, we found that our cost per click (and per video view) was 68% cheaper for ads in the Right Hand Column on Facebook. However, in this campaign, the engagement rate for these views were 3.5 times lower than for videos in the Desktop Newsfeed. In fact, overall, the cost per action (Call to action clicks and email signups in the video) was cheaper for Newsfeed ads.

What’s more, is that Viewers who clicked on the video in the Newsfeed watched 46% more of the video than people who click on Right hand column ads.

Mary M. Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications at Cuisinart said the following…

Cuisinart continues to look to new and innovative ways to reach both new and core consumers in an ever more complex media consumption environment. Viewbix offered an opportunity to test new applications for reaching our consumers through video promotions across the social media channel. We were extremely pleased with the ROI we achieved from the campaign.”


Brands need to remember that it’s not just about getting viewers to watch their video – effective engagement both builds a brand and drives viewers to take action. Leveraging a video player that integrates multiple calls to action can increase conversion rates by capturing users in the moment.

Based on the study results, product videos can be used not just for branding and product awareness on Facebook but also as a powerful tool for lead generation (emails and new Facebook fans). The “sweet spot” for brands is to capitalize on the shift towards interactivity in video ads by enabling video players that can capture their audience’s attention and convert them into action takers.

When it comes to engaging viewers with product videos, Cuisinart whipped up a powerful recipe for success. The combination of interactive calls to action in the videos together with Facebook’s ability to deliver the ads to the ideal audience can help companies to cook up both awareness as well as engagement with their brands.

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