Data point: TV viewers migrate to mobile screens

Data point: TV viewers migrate to mobile screens

As noted in our 10 Mobile Trends for 2014, mobile is becoming a prime screen for content consumption, from watching TV to catching up on news. This applies to smartphones as well as tablets, contrary to the long-held assumption that consumers want “snackable” content on phones and that the screen is too small for anything longer-form. Thanks in part to TV Everywhere authenticated video streams, viewers are fast getting into the habit of using mobile screens to catch their regular programming.

According to Adobe research, video viewing on smartphones and tablets is growing dramatically in terms of both frequency and duration. In the U.S., mobile devices now account for a quarter of online video consumption, with 57 percent year-over-year share growth in Q1 this year. The number of TV Everywhere videos watched each month in the first quarter rose to 9.6 via Android apps, up from 3.9 in Q1 2013. Meanwhile, iOS apps now surpass web browsers as the most popular access tool for TV Everywhere streams, enjoying a 43 percent market share vs. 36 percent for browsers. Children are especially avid users of TV Everywhere, with more than 80 percent of authenticated-video content for kids viewed through iOS apps.

Marketers will need to retool for an omnichannel world, where consumers move from one platform to the next, with a growing inclination toward mobile screens. Brands also need to adjust formats to make them friendlier to mobile screens, and map on new interactive elements to engage mobile audiences.

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