David Craig – Mapping the Future of Entertainment: Social Media

Professor Craig teaches in the Master of Communication Management (MCM) program. His course topics and research interests include traditional and digital, global and national, professional and amateur, media and entertainment industries, production studies and culture, transmedia and cross-media production and management, and LGBT media, advocacy, and activism. He has spoken on numerous panels including Transforming Hollywood 5, Silicon Beach LA, and E2: The Evolution of Entertainment Conference and appeared on numerous press and TV news outlets including Bloomberg TV.

Craig is currently working with renowned Australian media scholar Stuart Cunningham on a global, multiyear research initiative mapping the new screen ecology of the pro-amateur online entertainment industries. The research examines the role of online video platforms and applications with social network affordances (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vine, Instagram, Victorious) that feature content creators and fan communities around the globe creating unique content and value proposition that are now garnering millions from advertisers and IP exploitation. Also included in the rise of next-gen media management organizations, including multi-channel networks, e.g, Fullscreen, Maker, and Machinima.

Professor Craig is also a multiple Emmy Award-nominated producer and former programming executives at A&E and Lifetime Television. Over the past three decades, he has produced over 30 projects, including 100+ hours of television, that included films, television movies, mini-series, and drama series, web series, graphic novels, and stage productions. He is a producer-partner in Media Nation, a cross-media production company and has sold, developed, and produced multiple projects at Lifetime, ABC, CBS, History, and Sony/Crackle. His IMDB link is David Craig – IMDb.

He holds a doctorate in Education from UCLA (2014) where he conducted a cultural history of the production and pedagogy of LGBT-themed, made-for-TV movies over the past four decades from That Certain Summer (1972) to The Normal Heart (2014). His advisors/committee included Douglas Kellner, John Caldwell, and Leah Lievrouw. In 2004, he earned his Masters in Cinema Studies from NYU.


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