December 2013: Online Content Videos Exceed 50 Billion Monthly Views

December  2013: Online Content Videos Exceed 50 Billion Monthly Views

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comScore, via the Video Metrix report, has stated that, for the first time  ever, a single month of online video viewing has purportedly topped 50 billion  video views. I say purportedly because, as we are all aware by now, it’s not  really the truth based on the way that they choose to track video views. Any  3-second viewing of a video is included, multiple views are included for a  single piece of content, etc. Here’s their definition once again:

A video is defined as any streamed segment of audiovisual content, including  both progressive downloads and live streams. For long-form, segmented content,  (e.g. television episodes with ad pods in the middle) each segment of the  content is counted as a distinct video stream. Video views are inclusive of both  user-initiated and auto-played videos that are viewed for longer than 3 seconds.

So while it may be 50 billion views by that metric, it’s most probably a lot,  lot less in terms of what other people consider a piece of video content, for  example, an episode of a television show. A single episode on Hulu is accounting  for 3 or more views in the comScore Video Metrix based on the number of ad pods  (n) which means (n+1) video views, so please take 50 billion views with a large  grain of salt. Five ad pods in a single episode then results in six reported  video views.

Facebook Overtake AOL in Battle For Top Online Video Content Property, But  Both Still Miles Behind Google

The total increase over November is just over 5 billion views, with a drop in  minutes per viewer of just around 13 minutes per along with a drop in total  viewers of almost a million. So in a nutshell less people spent less  time watching videos online in December than November, yet generated 5 billion  more views at least according to comScore.

The real news in the numbers is Facebook who, remarkably, bumped AOL for  second place. But there’s a reason for that because comScore notes:

Facebook’s December 2013 online video viewership, particularly the number of  video views, is substantially higher than prior months due to both organic and  inorganic factors. The largest (and inorganic) source of increase is the recent  inclusion, following a technical validation effort, of a significant volume of  short (typically 6-second) Vine videos that have been uploaded to Facebook. The  other, and currently less significant, factor is the limited roll-out in  December of auto-play videos in the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook minutes per viewer also went up from 28 to 50 in a single month, and  in addition they added 13 million viewers and nearly tripled the amount of  views. So those autoplay videos are counting as views clearly. I suppose that  hypothetically, they were in the viewing window of the browser and could, again  hypothetically, have been viewed by someone. But that’s a lot of hypotheticals  on which to base such important numbers.Still, it’s no more shaky than their  3-second rule for video views I guess. This is all information to take into  account when you use these numbers for business or for ad buying.

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Video Ad Networks Explode?

It was just like a year ago when a single video  ad network broke the 1 billion ads in a month mark. Now, if you’re not  reaching that mark, you don’t make the top ten. Well, OK, there is still one  spot in the top ten below that mark which is Videology with 991 million video  ads in December 2013. At the top end of the spectrum is AOL with over 4 billion  video ads in December. We should start a pool on who hits 5B first and then  another for 10B video ads.

The whole video ad industry, at least those tracked by comScore, accounted  for 35,235,361,000 video ads, roughly 0.67 video ads per comScore video view. That’s roughly an ad per 1.5 video views. December also saw an  average frequency of 204.1 video ads per viewer for 55.6% of the US population.  That boils down to a video ad every 5.7 minutes and an average ad length of 0.38  minutes or 23 seconds. Finally, video ads accounted for 40.2% of all videos  viewed, which is misleading due to their determination of a video view. It’s  probably more like 3:1 ads to video content files views. For example, if every  video viewed and tracked by comScore was bisected with an ad pod, the total  video file views fall to 26.2 billion, while video ad views remain at 35.2B.  Granted, comScore also states that the average online content video is 4.2  minutes. 5.7% of all time viewing videos last month online, was watching ads.

top us video ad properties dec 2013

Top YouTube Partner Channels: VEVO Still Triumphant

Has anyone ever wondered if there’s a YouTube channel that’s not a YouTube  Partner channel but is getting more than 16.3 million uniques per month? Either  way, none can top VEVO most likely, what with its 38,460,000 unique viewers a  month which is about 20.4% of all video viewers online and roughly 11.4% of the  US population. They average 51.1 minutes each. Sure Maker  Studios has 72.2 minutes each for their 24.7 million uniques, but they’re a  full 100 million videos behind per month. Fullscreen put up a good  fight as well with 27.3M uniques, and 40.9 minutes average but showed just  358.3M videos. The one stat I would like to see in this chart is total uniques  for these channels. Because as far as we can tell there are just 38.46M unique  viewers for all of them which is just 20.4% of all Google/YouTube video viewers.  Really, it has to be more like 50% given the wide range of topics for the top  ten channels.

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