Devumi Reveals Secrets to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Devumi Reveals Secrets to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Whether you are an artist looking for greater exposure and recognition, a business looking to market products and services through social media or anyone in between, YouTube is an excellent platform for achieving your goals. You can reach a very wide, international audience, develop a dedicated following, and even create some viral content or become a YouTube partner and earn money directly from your videos. However, you need a bit of street cred before you can start reeling in tens of thousands of subscribers, and there are a few secrets of the trade that you should be aware of. As a notable and well-respected authority on all things YouTube, the guys at Devumi know what it takes to create and grow a good channel, and have been kind enough to share a few insider tips. If you are considering using YouTube more seriously and purposefully, then you should pay close attention.

Define your goals

Don’t just rush into it blindly – depending on what your needs and aspirations are, you’ll need to set some clear goals and break them up into milestones. Do you want to create a popular movie review or gaming channel and make money from ads, or do you want to give more information about your products and boost sales? The approach will have to be quite different for each goal.

Find your unique presentation style

Some people sit at a desk in front of the camera, present products and give their thoughts on them, others use a bit of editing magic and interesting or funny visuals, while some focus on narration combined with interesting footage. You can be very serious and highly informative, a bit quirky, laid back and humorous – it all depends on your personality, goals and technical ability.

Put out new videos in consistent intervals

Generally speaking a new channel should try to put up a video every day so as to get enough material and slowly garner more and more attention. However, you can put up videos once or twice a week or twice a month, just make sure your viewers can reliably tell exactly when the next video is coming out. Be sure to let your viewers know this information in all your videos, e.g. “we upload new video every Friday”.

Use the feedback you get to improve, but ignore the obvious trolls

One of the beauties of platforms like YouTube is the ability to get instant feedback, although this can be a double-edged sword. Read through the comments and private messages and find out what the viewers like and want more of, and even ask them for some suggestions on the type of content you could feature on the channel. You’ll find tons of great ideas and constructive criticism, but there will be a lot of hateful comments and trolls looking to elicit an emotional reaction – thee people should be ignored for everyone’s sake.

These may seem kind of basic, but it is the very basics that should be enforced, with all your focus going towards making quality videos that the viewers want to see. The rest is just a waiting game.

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