Different Types of YouTube Engagement Reports

Different Types of YouTube Engagement Reports

YouTube is quite an engaging platform as it literally has viewers in the billions at any given second. That is astounding given that there are still many contemporary video hosting sites in the world. But with its engaging natures, comes the tough part of sustaining the viewership. In order to better this, YouTube provides several reports based on the several factors such as how many like your video, how many watched your video, how many have clicked on an annotation in your video and so on.Here’s a list of the types of reports that one can take advantage of to study the pulse of an everyday

Subscribers reportThe Subscribers report shows how you’ve gained and lost subscribers across different content,locations and dates. Subscribers are viewers who tend to be more engaged with your content and watch your videos on a regular basis. This report helps you understand your effectiveness at building a base of subscribers, spot videos which drove subscriptions and un-subscriptions, and identify locations where your content is particularly popular.

Likes and Dislikes Report

The report shows the net change of likes and dislikes in your videos, so it adds up the number of likes/dislikes added, minus the number of likes/dislikes removed. Use the Compare metric button to compare the total number of likes/dislikes to other video metrics, including engagement metrics such as likes/dislikes added and removed, or subscribers and favourites change.

Favourites Report

The favourites report show how many people marked your content as a favourite and how many removed it from their favourites. You can see the cumulative number of favourites over a selected date range and location.

Comments Report

The Comments report summarizes how many people are commenting on your video.

Sharing Report

The Sharing report shows how many times your content has been shared through the Share button on YouTube, and what sites viewers are using to share your videos (e.g. Facebook, tumblr, and Blogger).

Annotations Report

The Annotations report provides information on the performance of video annotations and gives engagement information such as click-through rate and close rate for annotations on videos.

Cards Report

The Cards report gives you information on how viewers are interacting with cards on your videos on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Access the Cards report by clicking the Cards section in the left-hand menu in YouTube Analytics.


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