Digital Video Consumption to Reach 69% of all Consumer Internet Traffic

Digital Video Consumption to Reach 69% of all Consumer Internet Traffic

By Tomica Bonner | Tomica News | March 2, 2014



By 2017, digital video consumption is expected to account for 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic. This is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by Cisco. Business 2 Community also found in a recent study that video consumption in 2014 would reach 50 percent of all internet traffic and the average internet user presently watches more than 206 videos per month.

Marketers are not presently aligned with these forecasts. 70 percent of content strategists use video in their internet advertising campaigns; however, among assets used in content marketing executions, video only ranks 6th. Long-form video content strategies are few, mainly released on YouTube and go largely unseen. Similar to television advertisement, short-form video content strategies are mostly used before any given video clip.

An alternative to YouTube and short-form video content strategies is embedded video in a native advertising setting. Another solution is syndicating the embedded video across relevant editorial environments. Through modular editorial alone, the visibility of content marketing video execution could be greatly increased by importing the modules in half-page formatting. What it boils down to is video needs to be a prominent aspect of the marketing strategy. Some social media marketing professionals even buy intstagram followers to increase their online presence.

A similar study recently conducted LinkedIn showed that 80 percent of small and medium businesses (SMB) were bullish on 2014. LinkedIn surveyed approximately 1,000 companies in their report entitled “Priming the Economic Engine: How Social Media is Driving Growth for Small and Medium Businesses,” and discovered approximately 11 percent of SMBs expected to increase marketing budgets over 2013. The conclusion of the study was that social media spending and exponential growth were correlated. Financial services firms, in particular and especially on LinkedIn, have opportunities to influence SMB firms through social media the study implied.

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