Digital Video Quality Issues Persist

Digital Video Quality Issues Persist

As consumers rely more on digital channels for video consumption, poor quality won’t cut it. But unfortunately, based on recent research by Conviva, some video quality issues won’t quit.

Conviva analyzed 50 billion digital video streams worldwide across all devices and found that two quality issues affected a larger percentage of views during 2014 than they had in 2013. The share of videos affected by low resolution rose from 56.7% to 58.4%, and buffering plagued nearly three in 10 views. Video start failures, much rarer, were the one issue that improved, dropping to 2.6% of views.

November 2014 research by Accenture found that quality issues were leading complaints while watching long-form video content over the internet on any device. Fully one-third of internet users worldwide said so about the initial time required for buffering, or waiting to play the video, and a similar percentage voiced problems with video or sound stops as well as distortion during play.

Quality issues cannot be ignored. Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time with digital video, at the same time cutting back on TV time. In 2015, nearly eight in 10 US internet users will watch digital video, as will 63.5% of the population, eMarketer estimates. As such, Conviva suggested that over-the-top services that can’t guarantee great quality will get left in the dust this year.

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