Digital Video Takes TV Dollars

        Buying digital video and TV ads together sees considerable  interest

Video is the fastest-growing digital ad format; eMarketer expects US digital  video ad spend to rise by 41.4% this year and by nearly 40% next year as well,  when outlays will reach $5.7 billion.

Findings from the Interactive  Advertising Bureau (IAB) show that much of that increased digital video  spending will come out of former TV budgets. Seventy percent of buy-side US  senior executives told the IAB they would likely move TV dollars to digital  video in the coming year. An even greater 75% of all US senior executives  surveyed said the same, suggesting there is significant excitement around  digital video from all corners. However, those on the buy side may be slightly  more realistic about how budgets will really move.


As to which digital video ad formats would likely see the biggest bumps in  investment, an April 2013 study from Be On, a division of AOL, found that 73% of marketers polled  worldwide expected to increase spending on pre-roll ads over the next 12 months.  Social video ads came in second, at 53% of respondents.



Putting dollars to digital video, though, does not have to mean leaving TV  behind, and there are increasing opportunities for cross-platform ad campaigns,  something marketers seem particularly excited about.

According to the IAB, nearly two-thirds of respondents who had previously  launched cross-platform ad buys seemed happy enough with their results that they  said they would increase their budget for combined TV and digital video buys  going forward.


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