Digital Video Trends: Brands Test the Live Stream Waters

Digital Video Trends: Brands Test the Live Stream Waters

Live stream apps like Periscope may be relatively new, but brands are already experimenting with ways to incorporate new digital video trends like live stream in their video content marketing portfolio.Consider Doritos: The chip purveyor streamed its #DoritosRoulette game live on Periscope using a roulette wheel made up of nacho cheese chips. Randomly chosen Periscope viewers earned prizes, depending on where the chip wheel landed.

While live streaming isn’t a new phenomenon—Ustream has offered the ability to live stream to Twitter or desktop for years—the integration of mobile and social has taken the medium to a new level. Thanks to mobile apps like Persicope and Meerkat, which are tightly connected with social media platforms like Twitter, users can now watch and create live stream video whenever or wherever they like. Indeed, with Periscope’s “couch mode” you can now flip through live stream channels just like you would with your TV.

Social giant Facebook is jumping on board, too, with its own live streaming service (albeit available to celebrities only).

Live Stream Video Opportunities and Challenges

Video has already proven to be a boon to marketers; digital video trends like live stream are poised to take video content marketing to a more engaging level. Twitter claims brands can forge more personal relationships with Twitter through Periscope by giving them real-time access to interesting moments, like events or big announcements.

With live stream, fans can get VIP, behind-the-scenes access with their favorite brands. Content topics might include factory or facility tours, behind-the-scenes interviews with celebrity endorsers, new product releases, sneak peeks, or question-and-answer sessions. T-Mobile even shared video from something seemingly mundane—pre-conference call moments with CEO John Legere.

Experiment Away

For now, live streaming video from brands skews toward the experimental, but there are ways to scale digital video trends like live stream video as part of larger campaigns. Although video on Periscope is ephemeral—its shelf-life is only 24 hours—brands can record and share streamed events to YouTube and other social media platforms, extending their life (and creating searchable content while they’re at it). Live streaming can be one component of a larger, multi-channel event or campaign, offering brands an opportunity to engage the younger audiences these apps attract in new and unique ways.

For companies, the trick will be experimenting with the platform now to reap rewards later. Video content marketing—including live stream marketing—is here to stay. Brands that want to benefit from the explosion of video viewership need to get on board or be left behind.

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