Digital Videos Are Creating 13 Times More Facebook Chatter Than They Were Last Year

Digital Videos Are Creating 13 Times More Facebook Chatter Than They Were Last Year

Social video is a hit with young men. Getty Images Photo by: Getty Images

Digital videos are creating 13.2 times the amount of chatter on Facebook year-over-year, while users are sharing and creating three times the number of videos this year compared to 2015. There are 100 million hours of Facebook video viewed daily, the company told Adweek.

Our exclusive Facebook Topics to Watch series this month also shows a number of interesting items that marketers can learn from in concerns to the digital video boom. The social giant’s Facebook IQ team shows that when people chat about digital video on the platform, they are also talking about cameras, smartphones and watching TV. The latter item seems to point to one of social media’s strong points: second-screen viewing.

Also, younger men are disproportionately driving the digital video conversations.

Sports marketers may be interested to know that throwback uniforms are trending upward on Facebook. Given the platform’s ability to target fans of specific teams, the ability to sync Facebook ads with the days when a Major League Baseball team wears its classic uniform seems like a no-brainer to test out.

Scroll down to check out the entire report (the methodology is detailed below the graphic).

In terms of Facebook IQ’s methodology for this ongoing project, its predictive tools analyze the long-term consistent growth of a topic on Facebook. Using data from hundreds of thousands of conversations, the social network said it’s able to forecast what discussions will continue to escalate—based on how other topics normally trend upward in volume, variance and rates of consistent growth. When predicting whether chatter around specific topics will increase, Facebook stated that in early tests it has been 80 percent accurate so far.

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