Digital videos – the future of content marketing


Digital videos – the future of content marketing

When most people think of content marketing, they think of news articles or blogs, but in today’s quickly-changing digital atmosphere, it is now necessary to invest in multiple forms of online marketing.

One medium that is becoming increasingly important is online video. Nowadays, brands from all different industries are creating engaging or informative videos to put on their website, or post on video-streaming sites such as YouTube.

This interest in online video is on the rise. A recent study by Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 297 executives about their attitudes towards digital video and found a keen interest.

The study found 65 per cent of advertisers plan to spend more money this year on digital video than they did in 2013.

Out of this percentage, two-thirds said they will pay for this by reallocating their budget from their existing TV advertising spend.

Now it seems many brands are creating videos solely for the internet. Three quarters of advertisers said they foresee original digital programming starting to become as important as TV ads within the next three to five years.

Videos have not only become a powerful advertising tool, but they are also a great way to keep consumers engaged.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau IABlog series, they asked some industry professionals for their views on the future of digital video marketing.

“It’s about highlighting ways that brands can do really compelling, sharable, video content.” said BuzzFeed’s General Manager of Video & VP Agency Strategy, Jonathan Perelman.

While VICE Media’s VP Sales & Business Development, Ben Dietz, said “We think longer-form video is going to continue to be a mode that people adopt. A quarter of all videos on YouTube right now are 20 minutes or longer.”

This growing interest in digital video content means there is enormous potential. YouTube, for instance, has over 12.5 million unique active users a month, according to Frank Media, so this is something businesses should take advantage of.

Whether you choose to post humorous and entertaining videos, or informative and helpful tutorials, as long as you have a content strategy set up customised toward reaching your target audience, it will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

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