DreamWorksTV YouTube Channel Expands With Minecraft Music Videos

DreamWorksTV YouTube Channel Expands With Minecraft Music Videos

Since its launch in June 2014, DreamWorksTV has looked to entertain young YouTube viewers with a combination of original programs and derivative videos based off existing DreamWorks characters. The channel’s target audience happens to play a lot of Minecraft, and with its newest series, DreamWorksTV is looking to latch onto the blocky gaming fad. It has debuted the first episode of PickAxe Tracks, a collection of Minecraft-themed music videos.

PickAxe Tracks follows in the footsteps of channels like Captain Sparklez and TheAtlanticCraft, which have achieved massive view counts with music videos animated within the Minecraft universe. The game’s machinima community has evolved to fit a subgenre of its own, one that was on full display at the recent Minecon convention in London. DreamWorksTV’s first contribution to this trend is “Gold Digger,” an original song-and-dance number that probably won’t create too many new Minecraft fans but will certainly appease many of the millions of devotees who seek out Minecraft videos on a daily basis.

PickAxe Tracks joins a constantly-expanding library of content on DreamWorksTV, which is run by DreamWorks-owned AwesomenessTV. New videos arrive on the channel on a daily basis and are gobbled up by more than 633,000 subscribers. With some Minecraft videos in tow, DreamWorksTV has an opportunity to push that count even higher.


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