During the Day, Facebook Reaches More People Than Network TV

Daytime TV has changed. For years, soaps ruled the airwaves but now you’ll find more people talking about their real problems than acting out fictional ones. The networks think they have the mix right, but according to Nielsen more folks are tuning into Facebook than to daytime TV.

Look at those blue lines go. It’s not even a contest in the 18-34 bracket. We start to see a switch around 45 and TV wins in the over 65 group. Maybe that’s why daytime TV is full of commercials for pharmaceuticals and life insurance. If you’re selling fast cars and trendy clothes put your effort into posting to your Facebook brand page from ten until three everyday.

Once primetime kicks in, it’s a different story.

The 18-24′s still prefer Facebook but in every other age bracket TV wins. It’s especially hot for those over 45.

Here’s better news, Nielsen says that during primetime hours, (8 pm to 11 pm) Facebook is an excellent driver of duplicate reach.

For consumers ages 25-34 during primetime, for example, Facebook contributed up to 36 percent duplicated reach to the four measured TV networks.

What’s fascinating is that TV exposure is the alternating factor in this study. Facebook reach is nearly the same for each age bracket regardless of the day part. There’s a slight drop for people over 45 as night falls, but it’s not much. Those blue bars say that across the board, we’re all on Facebook all the time. And these numbers don’t include mobile usage, so the Facebook percentages are actually higher than you’re seeing here.

I know, Facebook’s popularity isn’t new news but the fact that it’s besting TV is incredible. Television used to be the way a brand connected with the largest number of people. Now, not so much. That’s great news for small marketers who can’t afford to buy TV time. With the right campaign and accurate targeting, a Facebook campaign could net more customers than a TV commercial and for a lot less money.




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