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In the first part of the educational video marketing blog post we established the power, importance and need of educating your clients & customers. You now know how educating your prospective customers help you connect with and convert them.

So what’s the best way to educate them? Educational video marketing.

Using marketing videos is the most efficient way to educate customers and make the most of the benefits of doing so.

And why is video so effective?

For starters, people prefer watching over reading. While this preference varies with demographics, it is always present. And while you obviously cannot do away with written content altogether, you need videos to get the ball rolling.

Through explainer videos you can educate customers easily because of the simple reason that they are more willing to be educated this way. Educational video marketing works because the audience likes it.

Another reason why educational video marketing is so effective is that it’s inherently entertaining. Animated explainer videos have a much higher entertainment value than seductive taglines. And as everybody knows, entertainment makes learning easier. Who doesn’t want to have fun even while searching for important information?

In addition to being entertaining, and hence persuasive, videos are easily scalable. You create one video, and then you create another, then another. Before you know it you can have a whole educational video marketing series that continually educates and impresses your target market.

Since your educational explainer video will be on the topic of your expertise, watching it will automatically communicate your knowledge and competence on the subject. Why wouldn’t the viewers then turn to your when they need services related to the video they watched?

People watching your video will remember what they learned. The will also remember who showed them the video, and show their appreciation in return.

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