The Most Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategies

The Most Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategies

We’ve shared 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends as well as the most popular content marketing strategies utilized by B2B marketers. But what are the most effective B2B content marketing strategies?

According to the study, the secret to content marketing success is to document your content strategy and stick to it. It also uncovered that content marketers are creating more and more content but they still struggle to track ROI, especially when they don’t document their strategy. You can read the full report for all the detailed findings. Francois Matheiu, Uberflip

Some of the highlights that we agree with and are seeing with our clients:

  • Infographic usage is significantly increased. DK New Media has dozens published and several under development for our clients.
  • In-person events are incredibly effective, folloowed by webinars and videos.
  • LinkedIn continues to be the most effective resource for social media usage.
  • Creating, producing and measuring the effectiveness of content marketing continue to be the top challenges.

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