How To Effectively Use Video Marketing For Your Law Practice

How to Effectively Use Video Marketing for Your Law Practice

Video marketing has been booming in the online marketing space during the last few years. Videos can be powerful marketing tools for attracting and converting leads in any industry, including the legal industry. They make it easier to create an emotional connection with the viewer and convince them of your expertise. They also allow you to use body language and voice intonation to emphasize a message. This will help you leverage the communication skills that you naturally possess as a lawyer.

While preparing a speech and recording a video is one thing, effective video marketing is more complicated than just turning on your webcam and hitting the record button.

Develop a Coherent Strategy

If you’re looking at getting into online video marketing, you are probably already doing (online) marketing for your law firm. In order to maintain a coherent online marketing strategy, you should align your video marketing efforts with your overall marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be based on your business goals, so if you believe that your firm’s goals might have altered, make sure to reassess your current marketing strategy and align all its components to support your business goals.

Focus on Your Lawyers and Their Expertise

Don’t just record a bunch of commercial videos about your firm. People browsing the internet are looking for specific information, and will just move on if they don’t find it in your videos. Have your lawyers show off their expertise by discussing a certain legal topic in the videos. Providing potential clients information that they were looking for helps instill trust regarding your expertise. If they eventually decide to approach an attorney to help them out with their legal matters, they’ll be much quicker to turn to the firm that’s already given them valuable information.

Practice, But Keep it Real

Unless you’re a natural you’ll have to practice a bit to make a great video. Prepare yourself well and know what you are going to talk about. Don’t over-script it though, because this might make it sound and look unnatural. Being a lawyer you’ll have plenty of experience talking in front of people, so just be yourself. Since you’re talking about matters that you are an expert on, it shouldn’t be too hard to convey this on video.

Consider Hiring Professionals

While you could do all the recording, editing and publishing yourself, it’s often better to at least have a (video) marketing firm help you out. Unless you have a lot of experience with video marketing, it’s not that easy to record and edit quality videos and to then get your videos in front of the right people. An experienced marketing firm can help your video marketing efforts succeed. You can always decide to do the recording yourself and just have a specialized firm edit and optimize the videos for the internet.

If executed well, video marketing can be a very effective tool for marketing your law practice. Try to find a marketing firm with experience in video marketing that can help you set up a great campaign that supports your business goals. Happy recording!

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at the Loewy Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane likes that Mr. Loewy has a lot of videos on his website.

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