Expert: How video could make brands’ 2015

Expert: How video could make brands’ 2015

There is more quality video programming hitting the online and mobile spaces each day. Along with that programming come new viewers; according to some experts people are watching as much video online as offline these days, and that is opening up new opportunities for advertisers.

by Kristina Knight

Andrew Snyder, VP of Video Sales, Yahoo: With more top quality video programs available digital-first and the convenience of watching across devices, it’s no surprise that viewing habits are changing. While traditional TV consumption has decreased slightly, online and mobile video viewing are up substantially. Advertisers have a big opportunity to engage these growing audiences online. Online video ads can create a richer experience for viewers, while offering superior targeting and enhanced measurement to help drive better ROI for brands.

Kristina: How does combining video campaigns with audience targeting and other ad channels such as display, native, search and mobile drive greater results?

Andrew: Video advertising has become a must-buy, and we’ve seen that it can drive even higher results when combined with other ad efforts. One great example is a campaign we worked on with Planters Peanuts. As part of “The Power of the Peanut” campaign, Planters ran both video and display ads across Yahoo and our extended network. The combination of video and display advertising drove a 71% lift in message association among consumers who viewed the ads. That’s almost two times higher than video alone.

Kristina: What kind of experience are video viewers looking for?

Andrew: Viewers want their video experience to be cross-screen and on-demand. One major benefit for users is that premium video content is no longer tied to the cable box. Recently, for the first time, consumers spent more time on their mobile devices than watching TV according to data from Flurry.

Kristina: What video programming is available to advertisers on Yahoo Screen and across other Yahoo sites?

Andrew: Advertisers want to buy online video ads at scale across many sites in fewer, simpler transactions. Yahoo has a long history creating video content across key categories such as news, finance, sports and more. We have also created new short form video series within our digital magazines, including Yahoo Style with Editor in Chief Joe Zee and Yahoo Beauty with Editor in Chief Bobbi Brown. In 2015, we will also debut two new, long-form originals: “Other Space” and “Sin City Saints.” Additionally “Community” will return for a sixth season, with 13 new episodes available exclusively on Yahoo Screen. This year with Yahoo Live, we’ve also offered the best live moments from music to sports to Hollywood events — including a live stream of Taylor Swift’s album release and a concert everyday for 365 days on the Live Nation Channel.

Kristina: What new mobile video ad opportunities are available now that Flurry video inventory is integrated into Yahoo Ad Manager Plus?

Andrew: Advertisers can now run video ads in thousands of apps, with advanced targeting capabilities, to better engage mobile audiences. With in-app video ads from Flurry, advertisers have the flexibility to select :15, :30 or :60 second interstitial ads by audience, channel or show. The ads are 100% in-view, full-screen and high definition. Additionally, advertisers can choose from user- or auto-generated and rewarded or non-rewarded views. Clients running in-app video campaigns with Flurry are already seeing great results: a major US restaurant chain ran a mobile app install campaign to drive user engagement and saw a 67% lift in gift card purchases and a 162% lift in use of the store locator.

Kristina: What’s ahead for digital video in 2015?

Andrew: We’re focused on helping advertisers maximize reach, control frequency, stay aligned with great content, connect with the right users using our advanced targeting capabilities, and ultimately achieve stronger results. The future of digital video is accessing premium content across devices. Brands are poised to shift more ad dollars into digital video this year, and along with this will come an increase in video ad targeting.

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