Facebook Autoplay Video Views are Exploding

Facebook Autoplay Video Views are Exploding

Facebook was growing its potential in videos by its autoplay video feature on its platform. Now a day’s these autoplay videos are shown everywhere whether the audience like it or not it was just exploding on the internet. Especially on Facebook platform the view count become raised like anything and reached four billion video views per day. The Platform had become a rival to the video giant YouTube and always competed in various features by targeting its growth.

The users are interested to watch the Facebook videos as they are not disturbing their social interaction and private browsing within the platform. The ads are just playing on the newsfeed of the users without any noise or sound that may interrupt the user. This makes the users get interested while they watch the particular video in silent play mode. More than 70 percent people on Facebook like to watch the video ith sound after they gone through the video in autoplay silent mode during the search in their news feed. This makes the Facebook get succeed with the Autoplay videos.

The Autoplay video shares are also increased among the users and many users also tried to upload new content natively on the Facebook which leads to the increase n the content level on the Facebook platform. Finally, the Facebook platform was approaching its target step by step with tiny to larger with its new features. Even the advertisers are also turning towards the Facebook platform for better advertising and cost efficient engagement and connectivity on Facebook platform.


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