Facebook Courting Top YouTube Content Creators

Facebook Courting Top YouTube Content Creators

Facebook wants to be the top video destination online.

And, to realize its goal, the social media site is attempting to recruit some of Google-owned YouTube’s biggest content producers, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Sources “familiar with the matter” told the WSJ Facebook is asking content creators to test distributing their videos on the social network.

Walt Disney’s Maker Studios and Collective Digital Studio are already testing out video clips on Facebook’s news feed as well as on individual creator’s pages, the report said.

‘The Annoying Orange’ by Collective — a major YouTube hit — has a dedicated page on the social network.

Facebook played coy when asked about its suspected recruitment efforts, however.

“Our partnerships team regularly has conversations with content creators about how to best utilize all of Facebook’s offerings, video included,” said a Facebook spokeswoman. “Beyond that, we don’t have anything to share at this time.”

Currently, content creators promote their videos on Facebook, but people still watch the clips on YouTube where they can more easily pull in revenue through ad sales. Facebook’s rumored actions are a strong indication the site is looking to change all that and become the go-to source for Web videos, say people familiar with the situation.

A source said the social network is in discussions with video content creators about how advertising could be incorporated into their videos.

The company is expected to launch a video ad product by year’s end.


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