Facebook Media Solutions Partners Unveil Tools for TV

Facebook Media Solutions Partners Unveil Tools for TV

Facebook and its partners in the Facebook Media Solutions program introduced a host of new tools for television broadcasters looking to engage on and mine content from the social network.

Partner engineering director Bob Morgan outlined all of the new tools and resources for broadcasters in a Facebook Media blog post, dividing them into three categories: engage (enticing fans to contribute content, participate in programming and engage with show and talent pages), decide (polling and voting solutions to gauge sentiment) and display (easier curation of photos and videos and posting new resources).


Media submission and galleries: Facebook Media Solutions partner Telescope developed new applications that allow Facebook users to submit photos and videos to broadcasters, which then have the option of posting interactive galleries embedded in Facebook page tabs or on show sites and apps. Examples of how to use these tools included audition videos, video questions and film shorts for contests.

Custom icons: Facebook users posting structured status updates about specific events, such as the Emmy Awards, can incorporate stylized icons, such as an Emmy statue, a throne (if they are posting about Game of Thrones) or, using a different example, a surfboard for the Fox Teen Choice Awards.

Comments to air: Facebook Media Solutions partners including Spredfast and Vidpresso help enable broadcasters to curate and incorporate comments from Facebook users into their broadcasts.

Video publishing: Building on the video-publishing application-programming interfaces Facebook announced at F8, Morgan highlighted “different but compelling approaches” from Facebook Media Solutions partners including Grabyo and WhipClip.

Tools for talent: Morgan highlighted tools that are already available for public figures, including Facebook’s Mentions app, live-video-streaming feature Live for Facebook Mentions and BumeBox for question-and-answer sessions.


Voting: Facebook introduced the Hashtag Voting API, which connects to certified third-party providers and enables users on the social network to vote via hashtags in posts and comments. Producers can choose between unique hashtags for each vote or hashtag triggers. Morgan said Telescope is the first Facebook Media Solutions partner to adopt the API.

Polling: The social network also introduced a new native media polling feature specifically for pages for TV shows, enabling those pages to ask questions and present real-time results on broadcasts via an API. Up to 10 options are available for producers, including photo and multiple-choice responses.


Curation: Morgan pointed out that Spredfast has adopted the latest APIs available for broadcasters to help them easily navigate the content-curation process.

Public Figures API: Facebook is rolling out a new API enabling broadcasters to quickly and easily unearth public content from verified public figures on the social network and Instagram, and the API is available to Facebook Media Solutions partners.

Graphics: Facebook Media Solutions partner Vizrt created a new set of Facebook and Instagram graphics templates for broadcasters, and new visualizations for displaying Facebook trending topics are also available from Reality Check Systems and Crowdtangle.


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