Facebook Native Videos Trump YouTube, Instagram (Study)

Facebook Native Videos Trump YouTube, Instagram (Study)

Add social analytics and reporting firm Locowise to the list of proponents for native videos on Facebook.

Locowise released a study of 555 video-posting Facebook pages during June (a total of 6,596 videos), and it found that nativevideos outperformed videos shared from YouTube or Instagram in nearly every metric.

The study’s findings included:

  • 79.6 percent of the pages studied used Facebook native videos, while 19.5 percent shared videos from YouTube and 0.9 percent did so from Instagram.
  • 96.4 percent of all videos were native Facebook videos, compared with 3.5 percent for YouTube and 0.18 percent for Instagram.
  • Facebook native videos averaged an organic reach of 13.2 percent of total page likes, versus 7.9 percent for YouTube and 6.8 percent for Instagram.
  • The average engagement rate for Facebook native videos was 6.3 percent of page likes reached, compared with 3.6 percent for Instagram and 3.2 percent for YouTube.

Locowise added in its study:

The Facebook native video engagement rate is 97 percent higher than YouTube and 75 percent higher than Instagram. The clear takeaway once again is to post Facebook native videos only. The reason why Instagram video beats YouTube video in engagement might be the way Facebook displays YouTube links. YouTube videos are now simple images that appear as small static thumbnails, while Instagram videos appear larger and more similar to the size of the native Facebook video.

Readers: What are your thoughts on Facebook native videos versus videos from sources such as YouTube and Instagram?

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