Facebook New Broadcaster’s Tools for Engaging Live TV Audiences

Facebook New Broadcaster’s Tools for Engaging Live TV Audiences

People are sharing their favorite shows or contests on the Facebook platform during the broadcast. The television viewers are connecting with the platform during their live favorite programmes. More than 86 percent people are connecting with the social networks while watching the Television. The Facebook platform also revealed that the maximum Facebook audiences are occurred during the Maximum TV viewers. These made the Facebook platform to get enable the broadcasters to enhance the better experience to the viewers by participation in real time along with all time engagement of the people on its platform.

Facebook New Tools

The Facebook platform has made some changes to its existing products on its platform to help the broadcasters in order to engage their fans towards the programming as it also matters for broadcasters to engage the audience towards them. With the new media solutions program on Facebook allowing the broadcasters with their audience by providing them three ways to get connected with people on Facebook.

The broadcaster can engage with the audience by inviting their fans to be a part of programming and get connected and even the pilling and voting solutions helps them to know the audience connectivity with their shows. The Hashtag voting, native polling are the new features on Facebook to increase the connectivity between the broadcasters and the audience on the platform. The hashtag voting is particularly designed for the awards and the shows. The custom icons are also helpful to the broadcasters on the platform.


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