Facebook Now Supports GIFs

Facebook Now Supports GIFs

Now you can express your emotion and add a little more humor to your Newsfeed… Facebook now supports GIFs.

Facebook issued the following statement to TechCrunch earlier today:

“We’re rolling out support for animated GIFs in News Feed. This is so you can share more fun, expressive things with your friends on Facebook.”

Prior to date, Facebook users could only embed GIFs from Giphy, where users could upload the GIF straight from the company’s website. But now, Facebook has added GIF support for images from all sites.

How does it work? Copy and paste the .gif URL in your status bar, just as you would do with any other link. (You can’t upload GIFs directly, however.)

Here’s an example of how a GIF views in your newsfeed:

As you can see it is in line with current video autoplay settings.

For now, GIF support is only available to people, not Facebook business pages. TechCrunch also reported that Facebook’s mobile app does not support the GIF, however this will likely be available later down the line.

What is next for Facebook? What added functionality do you see hitting this ever-popular social network?


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