Facebook Styling Videos …

Facebook Styling Videos …

Recently I’ve been obsessed with those cooking videos on Facebook, despite the fact that I have no intention of ever cooking anything. But it made me think – what if we could do the same thing with style and design? So, a few weeks ago when we pulled together this guest room makeover, we also put together this quick little video all about how to style the perfect bed.

Now, I am in NO way saying this is what I do every morning to my own bed. I have two toddlers, a full time job, and on a good day/night there is actual sleep happening in my bed. But if you’ve got a a guest room with a bed that doesn’t get nightly use, or say, a magazine shoot happening in your bedroom, having a nicely made-up bed can help the room look pulled together and clean.

What do you guys think? Are you into these mini-styling videos? What other things would you like to see? Let us know in the comments. And if you like the video, head over to my Facebook page to give it a “like.” If you want to share the videos then thats cool, too. Also on Monday I’m doing a Facebook Live with Orlando where we are cruising around his Orcondo now that it’s all finished. In case you don’t know about FB Live, it’s live but you can watch it anytime forever, whereas Periscope is only live for 24 hours. So head on over and check it out. Yesterday we debuted a video of how to choose the perfect lamp for your dresser that you can check out if you are into that.

Let us know what else you’d love to see . . . your style wish is our command . . .


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