Facebook Top Social Network For Personal Video Sharing [Study]

Facebook Top Social Network For Personal Video Sharing [Study]

With barriers to entry falling lower by the week, huge numbers of consumers are creating online videos on their mobile devices, not only to share with friends and family across social media, but as a documentary record of events that they hope will last for a lifetime. 80% of us are creating videos specifically to relay news to, and to keep in touch with friends and family, with 72% using that video content as a keepsake, and a record for generations to come.

Online video maker Animoto surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers for its Video Creation Study [infographic link] and found that Facebook was the most popular site for personal video sharing, with 76% of respondents posting user-generated videos on their feeds. 52% opted to send videos by email, and 50% uploaded to YouTube and shared via that site. 1 billion videos are being watched on Facebook alone every day, and it’s clear that social networks are quickly becoming their own mini archives of individual family history.

Consumers and Video 2014: We Are All Filmmakers Now

  • 72% of us create video to capture special occasions to keep forever
  • 85% of consumers love creating video content via our personal devices
  • 76% have used the in-built video camera on their smartphones to create content
  • 60% of those surveyed have used a digital camera to record a video
  • 80% of us create video to keep in touch with friends and family

How Consumers Use Video to Stay in Touch via Social Media

4 in 5 of those surveyed indicated that they posted video via their social media feeds, with the main motivation being to keep in touch with friends and family, and to keep those in their networks up-to-date with personal events. Consumers felt more connected to those around them if they were able to share video content with them, and watch videos from those in their social circles.

Facebook, and YouTube were the top choices for sharing video content, although 52% of respondents confirmed that they preferred email as a vehicle for sending user-generated content (although the study didn’t clarify whether that was footage upload straight from a PC or mobile device, or whether it had been uploaded to YouTube, or Vimeo in the first instance)

Mobile Increasing Popular for Video Creation, Editing and Sharing

When it comes to editing user-generated videos. the vast majority of consumers (80%) use their laptops or PCs, and 40% of those surveyed will actively edit one or more pieces of footage together at least once a week, with 10% doing this on a daily basis. After the editing process, 42% will then share those videos via social media.56% of respondents confirmed that they used their smartphone to record clips at least once a week, and 45% edit that footage via a mobile device.

As for storage, 28% of creators keep their videos and other visual images backed up on their computers, while 21% store content on an external hard drive, or USB. 1 in 5 consumers is using a cloud-based storage solution, i.e. Evernote, Dropbox, etc,.

Consumers are Inspired to Preserve Memories via Video

Brad Jefferson, CEO and Co-founder of Animoto said of the survey:

Today’s consumers are inundated with devices, apps, and software that are all increasingly helpful in shooting, editing, sharing and watching personal video. They’re inspired to bring their life stories to video, so they can preserve their memories and experience them in a meaningful way with friends and family.

Methodology Used

Animoto surveyed 1,031 U.S. adult consumers who confirmed that they had created or recorded a personal video in the past six months. The web-based survey was conducted August 25-27 2014. 34% of the participants were aged 18-34, 45.1 percent were aged 35 to 54. 20% of users were 55 and older.


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