Facebook Video Ad Rates, Video Newsfeed Algorithms Changes

Facebook Video Ad Rates, Video Newsfeed Algorithms Changes

Facebook is the best platform for the marketers to reach their sales targets more effectively. When comes to the advertising costs on the Facebook platform, they are budget friendly. The ads on Facebook can be effectively managed by the startups to large scale companies basing on their budgets. Marketers can plan their budget by considering various points in their marketing plan and can act accordingly to their strategy.

You can place your own bid on Facebook to advertise

You can choose the budget that is suitable to your requirements to reach the large audience within a short time just like others. You can place your bid according to your budget planning. One can plan the particular days to place their advertisement and you can also renew the ads by paying the remaining part of the ads on Facebook. So, that one can plan depending upon their budget and can periodically increase or decrease the ad revenue investment on Facebook. There is also an option to pause the ad if the ad was not working or not that much attractive or engaging.

Facebook has changed its newsfeed algorithm

Facebook platform was looking forward to know the interest of the audience and their expectations. It has announced that it was going to take the reports on the audience interaction with the video content and switching to the high definition by considering the users likes, comments and shares of a particular video content on its platform. It is also planning the newsfeed ranking which helps the people to watch more number of videos. So, that the platform was planning to switch the videos on newsfeed according to the users interest. But, users cannot be able to see immediate change in newsfeed as algorithm has changed.


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