Facebook Video Billionaires: Record Breaking August Views

Facebook Video Billionaires: Record Breaking August Views

Just a few days ago the Internet welcomed only the 8th online video ever to attract over 1 billion views which is an impressive feat in itself, but we have more big numbers for you. For the first time ever, three individual Facebook pages have surpassed 1 billion views in just a single month. That’s a milestone worth addressing.

Facebook compilation pages generate around three times the video views of top branded creator pages on the site, so it’s no surprise that three of the most popular aggregator Facebook pages are the first to smash through the billion views in just one calendar month. According to Tubular, the record-breaking pages belong to the following Facebook accounts (seen here with their August 2015 video views):

  • Funniest and Craziest Videos – 1,140,133,646 Facebook Video Views
  • SoFlo Antonio – 1,036,754,873 Facebook Video Views
  • UNILAD – 1,023,594,485 Facebook Video Views

It’s worth noting that Facebook’s video autoplay feature will have played a huge role in the amount of views generated for these three pages. Aggregator accounts attract an incredible number of followers by uploading content that is irresistibly shareable. These viral videos end up appearing on thousands of news feeds, and even if the Facebook user never actively clicks the ‘play’ button any video that appears in a user’s feed for three seconds or more counts as being viewed. The more buzzworthy the video, the more chance it’s going to get shared, and the higher the view count for the Facebook page that originally uploaded it. The fact that this functionality exists on Facebook is the reason we are now seeing video view counts in the hundreds of millions.

It’s also worth noting that, Buzzfeed’s combined Facebook pages generated 1.5 billion + video views in August 2015 making it the overall most viewed brand, but none of its pages reached 1 billion views on its own. Let’s take a quick look at the three pages that did hit that goal.

Facebook Video Billionaires: Funniest & Craziest Videos

SloFlo Antonio Video Views and Social Reach Aug 2015 Fotografia de: Data via Tubular Labs

With , the Funniest and Craziest Videos (F&CV) page on Facebook generated the most video views of any individual page on the site. As an aggregator page, it’s a textbook study in offering the kind of content that’s easily shared across its 5.3 Million followers.To our knowledge, the ‘Funniest and Craziest Videos’ account doesn’t upload any original content but instead reposts popular video content (as well as viral images and popular blog posts) to its timeline. Facebook are addressing the issue of unlicensed content, and while the F&CV page may have contacted every copyright owner of every video it uploads to its page, its rare that it gives any credit to the original creator.

A classic example of a Facebook page uploading viral video content that appeals to a huge number of users, F&CV continues to dominate the rankings in terms of video views. According to Tubular, the page also picked up 1.3 Million new followers in August, so there’s an audience for this kind of compilation page. At least for now.

Facebook Video Billionaires: SoFlo Antonio

SoFlo Antonio is the Facebook page behind entertainer Antonio Lievano, and it generated 1,036,754,873 video views for him in August 2015. Lievano is a prankster whose YouTube channel is full of original content around kissing pranks, but whose Facebook page is a mix of his own videos, and reposts of viral content like ‘She’s scared of her shadow‘ (original video posted here). SloFlo re-edits many of his Facebook video uploads to include clips of himself, and often changes the title to make the clip appear more catchy.

Lievano has only been actively posting videos to Facebook since the beginning of 2015, and has already racked up 2.2 Billion views on that platform alone. He has an all-time total view count of just over 580 Million on YouTube.

He uploaded 133 videos to Facebook in August 2015, the most popular being ‘How to Find Out Who’s the Father’  which generated 42.8 Million views, but has since been removed. The original (not credited) belonged to animators Cyanide and Happiness.

Facebook Video Billionaires: UNILAD

UNILAD Video Views and Social Reach Aug 2015 Fotografia de: Data via Tubular Labs

UNILAD, with 1,023,594,485 is the most popular of the so-called ‘lad’ or ‘Bro’ pages on Facebook, and its popularity keeps growing.

Although it does upload to YouTube, Vine, and Instagram, the site has found a natural home on Facebook, following the same winning formula as most of the top compilation pages – reposting content that is going viral elsewhere, particularly on Reddit. With 7.6 Million followers on the social networking site, most of the video reposts attract an average of 6.6 Million views each.

UNILAD’s most popular Facebook upload of August 2015 was this clip of a dog taking a selfie. It’s not footage created by UNILAD, but its repost now ranks #1 on Google for the keywords ‘dog taking a selfie’, so it continues to attract views, currently at 42.8 Million.

We expect to see a lot more Facebook pages break the 1 Billion views per month record in 2015. The question is, will any of them belong to brands uploading completely original, or will aggregator pages continue to dominate?


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