Facebook Video is Now Bigger Than YouTube for Brands

Facebook Video is Now Bigger Than YouTube for Brands

It’s official: instead of sharing YouTube videos, brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook directly.

Back in October, we published data that showed the rapid rise of Facebook video for brands. On Facebook, natively uploaded videos (Facebook videos) were catching up to YouTube in terms of number of posts and were blowing YouTube videos out of the water in terms of Interactions.

In the short time since, Facebook video posts have completely overtaken YouTube video posts. Marketers are now turning to Facebook video first – and the trend seems to be picking up speed.

We analyzed over 180,000 Facebook video posts across 20,000 Facebook pages owned by brands, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment companies, and found some pretty incredible results.

Although Facebook overtook YouTube in November, the margin was still pretty tight – roughly 5,000 videos. But the gap widened significantly in December in the crucible of the always-competitive holiday season. Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014.

A year ago, YouTube was clearly the dominant network in terms of sheer video quantity, nearly doubling the number of videos published on any other content network. Starting in January, however, content marketers increasingly began uploading videos to Facebook directly, with a 50% increase from January through May. From May to December, the number of videos uploaded increased by nearly the same number again.

That increase has kept up – and now it appears marketers have made their choice.

Facebook gets Interactions

In terms of interactions, it’s really no contest. In January 2014, Facebook was getting just over half of all video interactions. In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions.

Marketers are going to continue to use the network that is most effective for gaining engagement. For video, that network is now Facebook. And it looks like that fact is here to stay.


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