Factors Behind Viral Video Success

Factors Behind Viral Video Success

Video is the most attractive form of advertising media today beside many other forms like infographics, images, audio, text etc. You can come across the word “Viral” which resembles the high engagement of the people with a particular video. We can say a video as a viral video if it was highly shared and liked by the audience. But not every video can turn like viral hit on YouTube platform. There are several factors that influence the video to become viral across the internet.

Factors Behind Viral Video Success

Short and Attractive

Majority of the viral videos are short in length with attractive metadata and good quality picture. The first five seconds of the video is the most impressive part which makes the users to get bind with the videos and made them to share the video with the friends on various networking platforms which make them viral.


Most viral videos include the latest trending events and create buzz among the people across the web. The trends make the video most engaging and score good identity among the millions of the video content online.


The most of the viral videos are funny and interesting. The humors content on the YouTube has more views and subscribers as the users like to watch the funny clippings. So, many videos with fun content may turn viral on the web.


The commercial advertisements are also following the same technique to bind the hearts of the audience towards their products. Many advertisements were also become viral on the platform with compelling content with good emotional touch in the videos.


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