Finally, You Can Upload Your Google Plus Videos Straight To YouTube

Finally, You Can Upload Your Google Plus Videos Straight To YouTube

Three years after the social platform was launched, and a good year since its integration with YouTube, Google has finally implemented the ability for Google+ videos to be directly uploaded to the world’s largest video site. Why it has taken so long to join up the dots for Google users is a mystery, but now, YouTube users with a Google + account (and there surely can’t be many left who haven’t got both) can upload their video content to their YouTube channel from within another Google tool.

In a post to the YouTubeForum site, Google employee Keane confirmed that:

If you are a regular Google+ user and have uploaded plenty of videos to share with your circles, or if you have Google+ Photos Auto backup on your mobile device, you will be able to import all these videos to YouTube. This way you can easily store those videos on YouTube, share it with your fans and keep uploading awesome content in your channel.

YouTubers will find a brand new ‘Import Videos’ option on their YouTube upload page. If you have video content in your G+ account then clicking this link will highlight it and allow you to import it directly to your YouTube channel. Uploading can be done in bulk, or by video by video. The usual upload rules apply so you can set your Google + videos to public, private, or unlisted, and you have the option to create the titles, tags and descriptions.

Google has also provided a handy guide to the new feature by way of – what else – a video:

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