Five Traits of Popular YouTube Channels

Five Traits of Popular YouTube Channels

With so many different YouTube channels being updated with great content and so many widely varied topics, it’s hard to believe that all successful and popular YouTube channels could have just one thing in common, let alone five.However, no matter how their content and/or styles vary, all of the best YouTubers you’ll see online exhibit these five traits with their YouTube videos and channels.

They Engage with Their Audience Daily

First of all, you don’t have to upload YouTube videos every day, but you definitely do have to engage with your vlog audience on a daily basis. Put together a plan and a schedule for daily social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms that appeal to your audience.

Check your videos’ comments regularly, and check in with any Facebook groups or Google+ communities related to your YouTube channel. Engaging with your audience on a daily basis will increase brand loyalty and encourage more viewers to join in the fun, too.

They Are Consistent at Uploading YouTube Videos

Of course, just interacting and engaging with your audience isn’t enough to keep them coming back for more. Popular YouTubers maintain consistent, regular uploading schedules, and they publish those schedules on their YouTube channels, in their video descriptions, in their video intros and/or outros, and on social media.

Set yourself a schedule that you can handle and make sure that you stick to it.

Why is a schedule so important? You’re going to find, as your vlogging channel grows, that you’ll have a lot more views than subscriptions. Fans who don’t necessarily want to subscribe to your YouTube channel for one reason or another will still be able to hop over to YouTube to check on your new content if they know when you upload videos each week.

They Create Content Specifically for Their Viewers

Whether they’re making YouTube videos based on viewers’ topic requests, Q&A videos to answer their viewers’ most pressing questions, or fan mail vlogs to showcase cool messages from their viewers, the most popular YouTubers always cater to their community of fans.

Making YouTube videos specifically for your viewers and in response to their individual questions and requests is a great way to show that you care about your audience.

Also, when you mention your supporters by name when they inspire a topic or video, you’ll encourage them to continue to engage with you and your YouTube channel. Everyone appreciates recognition and you can give your viewers exactly that, just by focusing on topics they care about or giving them a shout-out when they add something valuable to one of your YouTube videos.

They Use a Unique Angle

All popular YouTubers also find and use unique angles for their videos. For example, there are thousands (maybe even millions) of beauty vloggers out there, but if you find the right angle and niche for your vlog channel, you’ll really stand out.

The sky really is the limit with your options for coming up with a unique and entertaining angle.

To help get started, think about your personality, your sense of humor and/or style, what makes you passionate about your niche, and why you want to create a YouTube channel. These factors and details will help you come up with a great angle that will help your content stand out.

They Are Focused on Creating a Channel Community

Finally, all popular YouTubers stay focused on creating communities around their channels. When your audience feels like they’re a part of a community, they’ll be more likely to comment on your YouTube videos, like and comment on your social media accounts, and share your videos with their friends, too.

By for your YouTube channel, producing content specifically for your audience (your community), being consistent, staying engaged, and working from a unique angle, you can create a YouTube channel that will grow and flourish in the months and years to come.

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