Focusing on Creating Viral Videos May Be A Big Mistake

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There’s a perpetual race to create the next Camp Gyno or The Scarecrow video among marketing agencies around the world. I get it, your job security and salary depend on the next 100,000 or even 1,000,000 YouTube views but consider this: videos don’t need hundreds of thousands of views to make powerful marketing impacts.

When I started building a major home security review site I wasn’t sure how I was going to contend in such a competitive environment. I knew that our business model and review strategy were sound but I wasn’t sure how to gain maximum exposure quickly. Enter my solution:

Videos with purpose

I decided to create review videos that people could watch rather than reading entire reviews. I worked with our designer and created a dozen or so videos. To be completely candid none of the videos have gone viral to this day; however, we’ve seen more bottom line success with videos than any other strategic medium.

Videos are 53 times more likely to show up in page one rankings

A study by Nate Elliot with Forrester Research uncovered the startling truth about videos: Videos are 53 times more likely than text results to appear on page one search engine results.

My strategy to create the dozen review videos put that statistic to the ultimate test. While my review videos haven’t received one million or even one hundred thousand views, three of them appear on page one Google rankings for MAJOR terms. We’re not talking long-tail keywords; we’re talking major National brand terms.

It’s about your bottom line not your ego

Within 3-months of uploading and publishing my review videos to YouTube my videos have helped pages on our major review site reach page one on Google. As a result organic traffic has increased 300% month-over-month.

So what does that traffic really mean for the bottom line? In April the home security review site barely grossed $2k from organic SEO methods. In August (3-months later) it grossed between $50k and $100k.

Key takeaways

Trying to create awesome videos that go viral is a great goal for any agency. That said, videos don’t have to go viral to be extremely valuable to campaigns and brands. So remember this:

How have videos helped your brand? Leave a comment below and let me know what how videos fit into your strategy.

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