Four Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook


Any business can benefit from having a Facebook page because it has become one of the hottest marketing tools on the internet today. When the site first took off, everyone thought it would go the way of MySpace and only be a passing fad. Nearly ten years later and many people would not know what to do without their Facebook posts and would go a little crazy if they couldn’t check out their friends’ statuses. Businesses have taken this platform and turned it into a marketing must so if you are wondering if your business needs Facebook, below are just four reasons why the answer is a resounding yes.

Facebook Allows People to Get to Know Your Logo and Brand

Not many forms of marketing allow instant recognition the way that Facebook does for both large and small businesses. While you may not be selling on a Facebook page, it can drive traffic to both a website and a brick and mortar store. When people recognize your brand outside of Facebook and they have built trust towards your brand they are more inclined to stop and shop. There are many ways to promote your brand on Facebook as well. You can run ads and videos which is a visual way to get your brand ethos across.

More Traffic Equals More Money

No company can afford to lose business or traffic on their website. More traffic equals more money on both websites and brick and mortar shops. Even if you only get a few new customers each week, this amount will increase every month and you’ll soon find that your Facebook marketing campaign is one of the main reasons why. All of this is free advertising and many companies actually make large amounts of money simply because they have a great Facebook page. To maximize the potential of your marketing campaign you should finds ways to increase your Facebook likes. As the more likes you have the more chances your promotions and posts will reach new viewers.

Your Competition is Using Facebook

While there’s nothing wrong with a little competition you don’t want your competitors running roughshod over you because they have Facebook and your company doesn’t. This doesn’t mean you should copy them, simply compete with them by offering your own Facebook page and letting your potential customers choose which company they like best. If you create a stunning Facebook page, the customers will choose your business. Not having a Facebook page is the kiss of death in the internet marketing game and could cost you valuable customers.

You Can Learn More about Your Industry

A Facebook page is more than just a marketing tool, for new businesses and established ones alike, there is a learning experience that can be had too. People in your industry will come to check out your page and will even offer you advice on what you can do to make your page better. They may even have brand new technologies in your industry that can save you time and money. They can help your company grow and be more efficient which means money in your pocket!

No company can afford to be without a Facebook page for all of the examples above. You have to make an effort to get the hang of using this great marketing tool for advertising and offering specials to your customers or your competitors will get your business. Even if you have little experience working on the computer you can easily set up and start your own Facebook page for your business.

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