How GE mastered YouTube (and you can too)

How GE mastered YouTube (and you can too)

In 2013, General Electric decided to completely shift its video presence and enlisted the help of Fullscreen Inc., a global network of content creators and brands on YouTube, to guide the brand through this robust and complex ecosystem. GE’s goal was simple: get a strong footing on gaining more earned and owned media, rather than paid. In the beginning of GE’s strategy, its paid media was sitting heavy at 80 percent, while its earned and owned media were at 15 and 5 percent respectively. This strategy was proving unsustainable and prompted GE to focus on a video strategy shift that would push its channel into the millions of views without having to spend so much money on direct video marketing to achieve virality.

Katrina Craigwell, GE’s global manager of digital marketing, and James Veraldi, SVP of business development and strategy for Fullscreen Inc., speak to iMedia about the genesis of their partnership and the first steps both companies took to ensure earned and owned media would rise from the ashes.

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