How to Get Noticed On Instagram


If you have an Instagram account but no followers are liking your photos or videos it may not be anything you’re doing wrong but what you’re not doing at all. While not everyone can like everything you post, you’d at least like to get people talking about and looking at your photos rather than passing them by. There are some things that you need to do in order to get noticed on Instagram that don’t take much time but that offer the rewards that you want. See below for some tips on how to get noticed on Instagram.

Make Use of the Video Feature

Making use of the video feature allows you to reach your Instagram followers through two mediums. There are plenty of amateur videos that go viral through social media so remember all it takes is a good idea to get a lot of publicity. Humor is usually shared more often and Instagram video is a great way to make a short video and get your business ethos across.

Become a Participant in the Community

One of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram is to become a participant in the community and community activities. There are many great ways to do this such as joining in contests and promotions or starting your own. You simply want to let others see you and know you rather than sitting on your own hoping that you’ll gain new followers. When others see you they will start following you and you’ll find that your presence is growing each and every week.

Promote Others

If you want to be noticed a good way to do this is by following others. All social networks depend on the give and take within the community and this is something that is easy to do. If someone starts following you, make sure that you follow them back. Search for people with common interests and likes and start following them. Odds are they’ll follow you back. The more Instagram followers you have the larger your reach and the more likes you will get whenever you post photos. Make pleasant comments on their pictures and don’t forget to like them too. These people will also do the same for you and can help you find other Instagram followers who also share your common interests.

Have Fun with Photo Editing

Photo editing can take a plain ordinary photograph and make it extraordinary. You find a wide variety of photo editing apps for you phone that go hand in hand with Instagram. When people see creative photos they are more inclined to remember it and to like it. Find an editing style that suits you and that says something about you. This can gain you more followers and will definitely get you noticed on Instagram.

Allow Instagram to Feature Your Photos

The other methods for getting noticed on Instagram are much easier than these but the rewards from being noticed are much higher if your photos are featured. Each week Instagram features certain users but nobody is really sure what they use to decide who is featured. If you’re featured, you would be noticed by thousands of people each day. This can lead to a huge following that would never have noticed you in the past.

There are many ways to get noticed on Instagram if you take the time to really work at it. You need to be a part of the community and follow back those who follow you. If you’re lucky you can get featured on Instagram, which would offer you a much better chance at gaining and keeping more followers.

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