How to Get a Premium YouTube Channel

How to Get a Premium YouTube Channel

If you’re looking for potential revenue streams, consider trying to get a premium YouTube channel.

A screen shot from the Fix My Hog premium YouTube channel

YouTube paid channels, which launched in May 2013, give video creators the opportunity to earn revenue from paid subscriptions. Viewers to pay a monthly (or annual) fee, which is set by each video’s creator. Fees are $2.99 to $6.99 per month for the channels I’ve seen.You can apply here for a premium YouTube channel.

But slow your roll. To get a premium YouTube channel, it appears you must have a big audience for an existing YouTube channel.

Rick Aristotle Munarriz is the creator of the Moonpies channel on YouTube. His channel presents information on how to make money and get noticed on YouTube. In 2013 he wrote:

I’ve been part of the YouTube Partners program since 2009. My fledgling Moonpies channel has more than 12,000 subscribers and nearly 4 million video views. I didn’t receive an invitation to create a premium channel, and I certainly don’t expect one. I’m too small.

As of this writing, there are 259 premium YouTube channels. They include:

Qello (HD concerts)

Wisdom In Golf (golf instruction), which I profiled in this post on inbound marketing.

Fix My Hog , (Harley-Davidson maintenance).

Digital Theatre (British theatre, opera, and ballet)

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

subscreve ✅

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