Getting Behind Video in Hotel Marketing

Getting Behind Video in Hotel Marketing


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The marketing of our hotels has broad parameters of action. Our client proposals can be more or less comprehensive depending on the resources we use.  The BlogTRW brings to you some of the possibilities that hotel directors have to spread the word about their services, giving clients the opportunity to decide for themselves.

The drive is always to look for the cutting-edge and the latest methods to achieve a degree of differentiation and excellence that will result in improved results. Hotel technology opens a new world of marketing, as we have seen since the appearance of the Internet and the evolution of the hotel market up until the panorama we find ourselves in today.

Tools like the social networks translate into a series of new possibilities to exploit in order to grow our reservation totals, to which one has add the boost from mobile Web as a fundamental marketing tool. Still, we can confirm that technology gives us greater benefits that we need to know how to exploit.

Image is the basis for business in our age, which demands the use of graphic resources for hotel promotion, creating more attention-grabbing offers that can lure a user’s attention and convert him into a new client. In addition, new advances allow for the creation of new applications like Voovio, in which the client experiences a digital tour through the hotel installation involving very high-quality images. These examples make clear the importance of the image within marketing, in which video cannot be missing as a hotel marketing tool.

Let’s compare two hotel Web pages: One of them, along with information and comments, adds a broad range of graphic reporting featuring videos, while the other only provides basic definitions on the hotel. The answer is clear as to which way the user will go, opting for the offering that seems more attractive, thanks to the help of video to achieve that goal. To support that contention, we can see the following figures provided by PhocusWright.

  • 67% of online clients who see virtual tours are more predisposed to make a reservation.
  • 89% of users who see a video of a hotel’s installations make a reservation.
  • 115% of users are more likely to make a reservation upon seeing a virtual tour or video.

Therefore, it is more than clear that the use of video as a marketing draw result in impressive reservation numbers, a fundamental reason for proceeding with the project. If you are interested in investing in this kind of took, we pass on a series of suggestions to follow for creating a good video marketing strategy.

  1. Hosting. Choose a video platform that is best for you. YouTube is the most know and effective, but your project requires other kinds of platforms.
  2. Quality reproduction. Verify that your creations can be seen correctly.
  3. Text. A good video marketing strategy is always accompanied by a text that adds value and captures the user’s attention.
  4. Call to action. Don’t simply put the basic facts on display, but work to create something that appeals to the user with the objective of getting new reservations.
  5. Allow sharing. Make it easy to share your creations with more users; the more people who see our videos, the more possibilities we have of gaining new reservations.

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