Getting Started with Facebook Video Insights on Pages

Getting Started with Facebook Video Insights on Pages

Facebook has been in the very forefront of every upcoming and trending social media strategy. In fact, it is currently leading when it comes to the number of users who either use it for their news feed or for funny videos or for their marketing.

The rapid growth of Facebook video going from 1 billion daily views to 4 billion in six months has outpaced the social network’s support for publishers trying to measure how their video is resonating with the audience. Since Page are public spaces, your engagement with Pages is also public. Facebook provides Page Insights to Page managers about people’s activity on their Page.

Facebook Insights is a product available to all Pages and Apps on Facebook, and any domains claimed by a site developer using the Insights dashboard.Facebook admins already know that video is a big traffic booster. But it’s hard to quantify. Now, Facebook has announced a new videos tab in its Page Insights that will give video publishers a better sense of how well videos are actually resonating with viewers at any given time. The tab lets page admins see insights like Views and 30-second Views at the page level; top videos within a specified time frame and numbers associated with videos shared from other pages. Previously, page owners have only been able to see metrics on a per-video basis.

This lets page owners compare aggregated views and 30-second views within custom date ranges. You can now toggle between view types organic vs. paid, auto-played vs. clicked-to-play, and unique vs. repeat to get a sense of audience activity and preferences. You can also highlight a time frame to examine views from those dates for a better understanding of day-over-day viewing.

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