Global Online Video Association Formed, for the Betterment of Online Video

Global Online Video Association Formed, for  the Betterment of Online Video       

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Global Online Video Association Formed, for the Betterment of Online Video

A new online video non-profit advocacy group has been founded, GOVA,  the Global online Video Association is an industry-funded  non-profit corporation established to advocate and support the advertising,  licensing, production, distribution and overall business interests of its member  companies and accelerate growth in the online video industry. The  majority of the founding members are YouTube MCNs including Fullscreen,  BroadbandTV, BigFrame, MiTu Networks, and Maker Studios.

It almost sounds like the MCNs are banding together into a sort of union in  order to start combined negotiations with Google/YouTube for better  arrangements. Given the fact that some of the MCNs have been totally torched by  some former clients, including some major YouTube names, for not actually adding  any value, and the move of YouTube recently toward trying to vie for more TV ad  dollars it almost feels like a pot that’s simmering is ready to explode in terms  of ad revenue fights and content payments.

Then again, I could just be an alarmist. Clearly, without YouTube, the MCNs  wouldn’t really exist. After all, it’s the world’s largest video search engine  and without it, most of the videos the MCNs publish probably wouldn’t get much  traction. On the other hand, without the MCNs, YouTube might still be the realm  of silly cat videos and terribly produced video blogs.

GOVA’s Goals

GOVA is said to “hasten their continued growth and profitability  by collaborating on emerging opportunities, jointly investing in  initiatives and by setting industry standards,” so there’s clearly more to it  than just ad revenue streams. I like the idea of the major publishers getting  together to set industry standards, however, there also needs to be some balance  in that from other sources to ensure that the Internet stays open and available  to all equally.

Some of the focus of GOVA is also online video  advertising and marketing which is our wheelhouse here at ReelSEO so I  expect we will have a lot of interaction with GOVA in the near future.

“Online video is a fundamentally different media for advertisers with strong  online communities in which the creators themselves exert huge influence upon  paid and earned media,” said Ezra Cooperstein, COO of FullScreen. “GOVA will  provide a bridge for creating value for advertisers by helping to inform,  educate, and reinforce the best practices for working with the new breed of  video companies and brands.”

That quote makes me think of the myriad possibilities of branded content that  could come from this sort of organization. By banding together they make their  presence larger, they take a bit of fierce competition out of the industry and  turn that energy toward presenting a united front for marketers, ad agencies and  brands to look to for guidance and information.

The GOVA Mission Statement

GOVA’s long-term vision is to support companies with significant investments  in producing and monetizing original digital content, including owning and  operating a YouTube content network.  During its first year, GOVA’s  mission will include increasing the awareness of the digital originals category  amongst brands, advertising agencies and consumers, optimizing content  marketplaces such as the IAB NewFronts and the MipTV Digital Fronts, exploring  common industry nomenclature and measurement standards, and increasing dialogue  with all partners in the digital originals ecosystem, including YouTube, Amazon  and Microsoft.

Note how “YouTube content network” is right there in the mission statement  and the mention of NewFronts and Digital Fronts which places it in line with  TV’s UpFronts. It feels like the MCNs are working to position themselves like  digital broadcasters, the new generation of television networks so that they can  collectively bargain, set industry rates and compete with the “good old boys” of  TV. Bully for them! Hopefully, we can get some time with the members of GOVA in  the near future and gain some insight into their plans and ideas for the future  of online video.

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